Rany Battikh

Everdrive N8 Pro first update

Krikzz just posted a new firmware update for his freshly released Everdrive N8-Pro Famicom rom-cart.

Unlike the SD2SNES, where the Pro version seems to be evolving in an almost hand-in-hand fashion with the older edition (with notable exceptions), the Everdrive N8-Pro is a vastly superior upgrade over the regular N8, offering a ton more options. Here’s what you get when you update the cart’s firmware:

  • New mapper 389
  • Fixed mapper 119
  • Forced Q Boy remapping to map 141
  • Included support for NES2.0 large mapper numbers (over 255)

Krikzz also announced that he will be soon offering cartridge shells for various systems with a “no hole/no logo” option for homebrew purposes.

Lastly, for those who own a TurboED v2, there’s a new firmware update that lets you now swap the in-menu buttons functionalities.

N8-Pro Firmware v2.01: http://krikzz.com/pub/support/everdrive-n8/pro-series/OS/

TurboED v2 Firmware v2: http://krikzz.com/pub/support/turbo-everdrive/v2/os/