Everdrive 64 Firmware Update v3.07

Krikzz has just posted a new firmware for his Nintendo 64 ROM cart, however this firmware will not work on older v2 or v3 carts – You need to use the 2.0 firmwares for those.  This update seems to focus on bringing some of the more recent additions to Krikzz’ other carts to the N64.  There’s also an updated NES core, for people who want to emulate their NES games via the cart’s FPGA.  More info below the links:

Download the firmware here:
ROM Carts:

Here’s the full list of changes from the previous update:

  • Accurate fpga based NES core instead of old Neon emulator*
  • Included GB/GBC emulators from
  • ED64 V3.x/V2.x is no longer supported. OS v2.x is recommended for such carts
  • Cheats engine update
  • Folders structure changed**
  • Menu has delete function for empty folders
  • Long rom id support in save_db.txt***
  • RTC can be mixed wit eeprom saves (for homebrew)
  • Improved recently played menu
  •  Rom Config menu. Set specific save/rtc/region setting for certain rom
  •  Minor fixes and files transfer function for usb (use updated usb64-v1.0.0.3)

*Hit L+R to switch off/on image stretching in nes games
Unstretched image likely will looks better for hd-modded systems

**To restore all yours old saves and cheats copy all files from ED64/cheats and ED64/save to ED64/gamedata

***Along with short 2-symbols rom id, system supports long id (3 to 6 symbols). Both shown in Rom Info menu
It not necessary for long id specify all 6 symbols in save_db.txt, only 4 symbols can be used
if identificator shouldn’t point to the specific rom version (last two symbols)

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