Eon XBHD New Version Reviewed, Replacements Available

Eon Gaming has recently announced a fix / replacement program for their faulty HDMI adapter or the original Xbox;  You can choose to have them walk you through the upgrade process yourself, or send it back to have it replaced.  If you have an original, you should absolutely do one of the two options, as the HDMI full/limited issue they shipped with makes it so dark, it’s basically unusable without manually changing the setting on your display.  If you haven’t purchased one yet, the latest version has the issue fixed…but it’s still a TWO HUNDRED DOLLAR adapter that performs worse than Electron Shepard’s sub-$50 adapter.  Metal Jesus reviewed the new revision below with great examples.  More info below the links:

$40 adapter:
Eon’s solution:  /
Replacement Program:

If you want to see all this in action, Metal Jesus’ video was absolutely spot-on.  To the point that I don’t even need to make a video on this, as it would just be exactly like his.  I strongly recommend checking it out:

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