Emulicious adds MSX Support

The software emulation platform Emulicious has just added support for MSX computer games.  Most MSX1 cartridge ROMs are supported and disk images can be supported if you supply your own BIOS.  Interestingly, the creator Calindro seems to have added this support within just four weeks!

As a note, while Emulicious is a capable emulator, it’s most notable for it’s software debugging features that act as an excellent tool for anyone writing homebrew software for the platforms it supports.  Currently, those platforms are:  SMS, Game Gear, Game Boy, Game Boy Color…and now the MSX!

New Version of Emulicious:
Discord Channel:

The full list of changes and additions to Emulicious are:

  • Added MSX emulation
  • Added support to load lst files containing Sjasm sourcecode in the debugger
  • Improved Profiler to better work with C calling convention
  • Remember last directory for loading sources/symbols
  • Fixed an issue with breakpoints on ROMs larger than 4 MB (thanks to Antígeno)
  • Improved Auto Palette option in Tile Viewer for SMS Mode 4
  • Added View menu to Tile Viewer to choose different layouts
  • Added Frame Advance to the main emulator (formerly only available in debugger)
  • Improved Tilemap Viewer and Tile Viewer support for TMS Modes
  • Added CTRL+SHIFT as hotkey for Reload ROM
  • Added an option to automatically reload a ROM when it changes
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t allow setting gamepad inputs if there are more than 2 gamepads connected (Thanks to Niloct)
  • Several minor bugfixes and improvements
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