OSSC Pro Analog Video Output Board

You can now purchase the analog video output expansion board for the OSSC Pro.  This will allow you to have simultaneous HD output via HDMI and analog video output via the dsub connector of the expansion port.  This is really handy for downscaling, as you can preview (or stream!) the source via HDMI output, configure the settings on your main display, then connect your CRT when everything’s set up.  Also, the board offers dsub, 3.5mm audio and SPDIF audio outputs.  The price is about $35 and is in-stock now:

Purchase Here:

The first thing to note, is the dsub output supports RGBs and RGBHV at the moment, but Markus will soon be releasing an (always free!) firmware update that adds YPbPr output.  This is a big deal for people using consumer-grade CRT’s in North America, as you can find them with component video inputs, but almost never RGB.

Also, a version with a 3D-Printed enclosure will be available this year.  It’s sad to see this release board-only, but it’s better than nothing!

This is the only scaler on the market currently offering simultaneous digital + analog output and it may actually be what pushes many people to buy one!  CRT enthusiasts are often interested in downscaling and often the biggest hurdle is trying to find some expensive piece of used equipment, hope it’s in good working condition and figure out how to use it.

If you’d like to see it in action, check out Marco’s video here:

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