DomesDay86 Small Production Run

A fan of the Domesday Duplicator project is currently opening pre-orders on a run of fully assembled and flashed Domesday86 Duplicator kits. These kits, when combined with (and modded into) a compatible player allow a direct image of a LaserDisc to be saved!  The project has also evolved to both PAL and NTSC VHS, but it’s currently still in beta, with audio support requiring another DdD86 to capture the additional stream..

This project is one of my (Bob’s) personal favorites and I’m absolutely buying one as well!  Not only is this fun for personal projects, this can help for preservation too;  If multiple people rip the same LaserDisc, the companion software ‘LD Decode’ can automatically take the best quality parts from each and ensure a much more thorough rip.  Please check out the original interview and post for all the info you’d need to bring you up to speed on the project:


Price List

Select which version you’d like from the drop-down menu (note – This is a link to an external store.  This product is NOT sold, shipped or supported by

$410 (recommended)= 1x Fully assembled and programmed DomesDay86 kit – Includes DomesDay86 duplicator board, FX3, DE0 FPGA and LD-V4x00 calibration board.
$277 = 1x Fully soldered DomesDay86 duplicator board – Requires a DE0-Nano and an FX3 board.
$140 = 1x Calibration board

DomesDay86 Purchase Options


  • We will ship anywhere locally or internationally (from the Pacific Coast of the US).
  • Prices do not include shipping (we’ll request a second payment for shipping and materials once the package is ready to be sent to you).
  • While we’re trying to take weeks at most, please plan around not receiving a unit for several months.
  • Why such a long lead time?
    • We’re setting expectations to give buffer time to the fine chap soldering and assembling all this so they don’t burn out, stress out, or have a passion and hobby meant to help the community, turn into a chore. This is also meant to plan around further stoppages or slow downs in shipping from China due to the Coronavirus.
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