db Electronics Triple Bypass Gerbers Uploaded!

WARNING:  This is still untested!!!  Now onto the excitement…

René from db Electronics has just published gerbers of Sega Triple Bypass board, the RGB & Audio bypass for all models of the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive.  This is a board that (in my opinion) will soon become that standard install for Genesis 2 and 3 consoles, as well as any Genesis 1 with audio issues.


The Triple Bypass incorporates a THS7374 video amplifier for the RGB video bypass, pushing the Genesis one step closer to perfect video output.  Depending on your model, you may need to lift the RGBs pins from the board, or even re-route the crystal oscillator path to remove the final bit of video interference. 


One of the most exciting features of this board is it’s integrated Mega Amp 2.0, originally designed by Ace and tweaked by René.  This means anyone installing the Triple Bypass in a Genesis 2 or 3 will now have the best possible audio and video quality and will no longer have that awful, tinny sound output!  Also, this will allow for stereo output from a Genesis 3, making it a great choice for Genesis users with limited space!


Main Page:

Bill Of Materials:

Here’s saved BOM’s that are also untested (different BOM per audio revision).  I’ve ordered a few of each and will update when I confirmed if they are correct:

Sega Triple Bypass ASIC:
Sega Triple Bypass GOAC:
Sega Triple Bypass YM2612:

Installation Instructions:

Installation instructions and a dedicated guide page coming soon. 
For the video part, you can follow the same basic guide as the original Genesis RGB bypass:
Please reference the Mega Amp thread for the audio installation:!

HD Retrovision Compatibility:

Triple Bypass was designed with the HDRetrovision stuff in mind. The “composite video” pin will always output 75 ohm cync, regardless of what the jumper is set to. That means if you’re installing it with the DIN soldered to the board, the connection is already there. If you’re installing it into a Genesis 2 or 3, just solder a connection from the cvbs pin on the board to cvbs on the main DIN. This obviously won’t enable composite video, but it’ll guarantee compatibility will all cables, including RGB SCART cables that get sync from composite video.


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