Bose Companion 2 Series II Stands for PVM-14L5

Kytor Industries has just posted a 3D printed design that allows Bose Companion 2 Series II speakers to sit right alongside a Sony PVM-14L5.  They use the rack-mounting holes on the side of the PVM to bolt the 3D-printed stands right to it.  This is a really handy product, as those speakers can be found really cheap, are decent quality and (to my knowledge), all the Companion 2, Series 2 speakers are magnetically shielded;  Always double check to be sure though!  More info after the links:

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Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find magnetically shielded speakers safe for use with CRT’s anymore, so I’m happy to see Kytor making supplementing products for the few product lines that are reliably shielded.  I hope they next tackle the Kanto Ora’s and come up with a mount for both 14″ and 20″ speakers!  I have a full review of those at the bottom and if you’re wondering why you need shielded speakers at all, please check out this video:

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