BennVenn’s Lynx LCD kit is ready for production

BennVenn has just announced on his Facebook page that the backlit LCD replacement kits for the Atari Lynx are now ready for production!  At the moment, he’s just deciding between two designs:

Solderless – no soldering, unscrew the old LCD and lamp, screw the new pcb and LCD in, insert the ribbon cable, done!

Soldered – 9 wires to solder, adds the option to change brightness using the backlight button. Also enable scanlines V/H though the backlight button.

I’d personally like to see both kits available, but I understand it’s a niche product and doing production runs of both might be an investment risk.  If I had to pick, I’d suggest the soldered version, as being able to select brightness is a feature I’d always want!

The price is expected to be around $50 and while purchase information wasn’t confirmed, I’d assume sales will be through Benn’s normal webstore:

Lynx LCD kit is ready for production! There's just one final decision to make. Solderless – no soldering, unscrew the…

Posted by BennVenn on Friday, March 29, 2019

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