Analogue Pocket P-Wing Grip

Blueshell3D is now selling “grips” for the Analogue pocket.  The price is about $35 plus shipping and they’re in-stock now.  Grips are subjective, but if you’ve preferred them in the past, these are worth checking out!:

Purchase here:

I can’t ever remember using grips on handheld consoles until after I started RetroRGB;  I didn’t have much money growing up and would rather spend my money on games…or stuff like a Nuby light so I can actually see my Game Boy ;p  I remember being in a game store shortly after the site launched and found a bunch of different GBA SP grips in a $1 bin.  I bought a few different kinds as a goof…

…and I ended up loving one of them.  In fact, I never played my GBA SP again without it!  And while it’s fun to reminisce about that (and the friggin battery-killing Nuby light from my childhood (4 AA’s for the GB, 4 more for the light!?!?!), the real reason I’m sharing it here is in case you previously thought about grips the same way I did.  And hey, maybe you won’t like it at all…but if you’ve never used them before, keep an open mind.

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