MiSTer FPGA News – MiSTer Handheld, Two DE10 Nano Alternatives, Sinden Lightgun & More

Alternate DE10 Nano

Taki Udon’s alternate DE10 Nano and updated USB board have been shown with a female header between USBC and USBA that carries power and data between both boards, so no extra adapter is need for USB communication between the USB hub and FPGA board.

Preorders are not being taken but ordering will begin on July 14th.

The hanheld MiSTer will have a design that will allow different looks themese after console. Images of PS1, SNES, NES and Mega Drive themes there shown. The handheld will also have an HDMI port and expansion port for a dock.

For battery life, Taki would like to have around 4hours with the most demanding systems, but an the actual board would need to be finalized before actual battery results can be given.


FPGA Development panel

At the TooManyGames conference, atrac17 anf Pram0d spoke about their experiences with FPGA development.

Development talk about Twin Cobra, Flying Shark and Midway arcade games was discussed.

Twin Cobra was also shown off for MiSTer and is fully playable. Flying Shark still needs to be completed.


QMTech Alternate DE10 Nano

The DE10 Nano board from QMTech is available now for purchase for $99. The manufacturer confirmed that you can just pop in an SDRAM module and SD card from your current setup and it will work. The layout of the board looks different than the official DE10 Nano so there might be issues using it with current setups. I’ve ordered one and will be testing it on several MiSTer setups to find out.


MiSTer FPGA Control Fix

There is a new test build for MiSTer Main that fixes an outstanding input issue.
With this new test build an issues where multiple buttons bound to the same thing will cancel each other out is fixed.


Gradius Wallpaper

Ranny Snice released a new wallpaper themed after the Konami shooter Gradius. You can obtain this wallpaper and all of Ranny’s other wallpapers, by enabling them in the Update All script settings.


Sinden Lightgun

You can now use the Sinden Lightgun on a MiSTer FPGA via a driver and forked cores. At the moment only 4 cores work, the SNES, GENESIS, NES and Playstation cores.


Universal TapTo serial driver

The next version of TapTo will be incliding a new generic serial driver. With this driver you will be able to use any NFC chip or microcontroller and it will work seamlessly with TapTo with the right firmware.


TapTo on MiSTex

wizzo has confirmed that TapTo is working on MiSTex is now fully compatible on MiSTex. If you do not know what MiSTex is, it is a fork of MiSTer that gets cores working on other FPGA boards besides the DE10 Nano.