MiSTer FPGA News – N64 Compatibility, Sega Saturn, System 18, MiSTerCast & More

Sega Saturn

There has been an official release for the Sega Saturn core. Notable features are:

-SNAC support (Digital pad only)
-Reworking of DDR RAM and SDRAM for more accuracy and compatibility with older RAM modules.

Games affected are:

Andretti Racing
Duke Nukem 3D
Shining Force III battles
Battle Garegga
The backgrounds in Whizz
The beginning of Grandia
NBA JAM Tournament Edition’s team selection screen
Castlevania SotN
The title screen in the european version of Revolution X.
and Burning Rangers.

Magical Night Dreams Cotton 2
The sky in episode 2 of Panzer Dragoon II
Radiant Silvergun
Saturn Bomberman’s final boss
Virtua Fighter 2 staff roll
Galaxy Fight’s “now loading” screen
and Capcom Generation 5’s gallery

Alone in the dark 2
Discworld 2
X-Men vs Street Fighter
Shining Force III
Street Fighter: The Movie
and Sky Target

Waku Waku 7
and Bubble Symphony

Revolution X
and World Series Baseball 98


N64 Compatibility Increases Through Patches

User ruleset on the MiSTerFPGA forums has created N64 ROM patches that help bypass the limitations of the DE10 Nano. Patches are available for Conkers Bad Fur Day and Jet Force Gemini.

These games do not run as is, but ruleset has patched them to bypass the issues that are preventing them from running.

Patches are available for download on the forum post.


New Arcade Games for JTSHOUSE Core

Jotego has added two new games for the JTSHOUSE core. Those games are:

-Rompers, an action puzzle game.
-Bakutotsu Kijuutei, a side scrolling shooter.


Jotego Core Maintenance

Jotego’s team has performed the following bug fixes to these games:

-Hyper sports garbled sounds.
-Strange sounds in some JTSHOUSE games
-Noise in Renegade
-The Simpsons: extra pixel in some sprites


Sega System 18 Update

Jotego has also given us a quick update on what’s hapening with the System 18 core. Work continues and there is now preliminary support for the gun game Laser Ghost.


DE10 Nano Alternative

The alternate DE10 Nano, will now support USB-C power delivery instead of a DC barrel jack. It can do 5 to 12v at 5Amps. With a maximum of 60 watts.

The board will also come with a soldered USB header. Some prototype USB Hub boards were made with the new header change, and they have also started making the V9.2 IO board. They will sell the full package as a kit with the board, RAM, USB Hub, and the IO board. Updated Pricing will be announced at a later time.



While doing some major backend work with the TapTo code, there is now a side effect feature that wizzo doesn’t know what to do with yet. It’s the ability to use multiple NFC readers at once.


Sega Master System Wallpaper

Ranny Snice, who makes some amazing wallpapers for the MiSTer FPGA, found a vintage ad for the Sega Master System and decided to make a wallpaper out of it. To get it, enable Ranny Snice’s wallpapers in the UpdateAll script settings.



Shane Lynch’s MiSTerCast software has been updated to support the latest version of Groovy MiSTer. You can download it at Shanes GitHub.