7800 Game Drive from SaG gets free Rikki & Vikki

Stone Age Gamer have just opened orders on the Atari 7800 ROM cart from Retro HQ.  They’ve also announced that each 7800GD will come with a licensed copy of Rikki & Vikki.  This is an awesome bonus, as the game can only run with full audio options on the 7800GD – No other ROM cart or emulation currently supports all sound options.  Stock will be posted as-follows:  100 are available now, 100 Thursday at 8:00 PM, and 100 Saturday at 10:00 AM, NYC time.  More info after the links:

RGB SCART Cable (also at SaG):
Other Genesis 2 Video Cables:
Mega 7800:

Good news though!  If you’ve purchased your Game Drive from the UK (or another) reseller, you can still run the game!  Simply purchase it from Steam and follow the instructions here to convert the ROM to 7800GD format:

Mega 7800 UK Seller:
GameDrive UK Seller:

Also, if you need a product overview, the 7800GD is both a ROM cart, as well as a play-and-play RGB video output device, similar to Krikzz’ RGB Blaster, that outputs clean RGB via a Genesis 2-style mini-din.  The Mega 7800 is a controller adapter that allows you to use Genesis and SMS controllers (and the SMS light phaser) on the Atari 7800.  I demo’d both in the livestream below and they worked great.  You might require a custom profile if you’re using an OSSC (depending on your display), but all other scalers and cables seemed to work.  The stream also has a short demo of Rikki & Vikki running on the cart, if you’re interested:

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