3D Print Files for Super Nintendo Shell

Captnshacky has just posted a set of files that are 3D renders of the North American Super Nintendo’s plastic shell.  The original plan was to create a full recreation of the entire case, then offer high quality 3D prints and eventually try injection molding.  Unfortunately, the project got put on hold, but rather than let all the hard work go to waste, Captnshacky decided to donate the files to the retro gaming community via an MIT open source license, in hopes they’ll continue the project:


I showed these files to Greg from LaserBear, who cautioned that this will be a complicated print.  I hope the community gives it a try though and updates anything that needs tweaking.  Even though the look of 3D printed material doesn’t match injection molding, this is a great opportunity for some artistic paint jobs, as well as for people who want to add custom output ports, newer features…or heck, just someone with a 3D printer who wants to replace a cracked, yellow shell!

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