240p Test Suite (NES, GB, GBA) Updated To v0.19

The GameBoy, GameBoy Advance and NES versions of the 240p Test Suite have just been updated to v0.19:

Some notable updates are as follows:

  • Stopwatch: Bolder digits
  • GB: Super Game Boy colorization and border
  • Backlight zone (NES, GB): Increase starting size to 2 pixels
  • Color bleed (GBA): Fix frame # covering everything
  • PLUGE Contrast and Vertical scroll (GBA): Center pattern horizontally

The 240p Test Suite was originally created by Artemio and available on large number of consoles.  It’s by far my favorite homebrew software and what I’d consider an essential tool for any classic consoles enthusiast.  It can be used on real hardware either via a ROM cart, CDr, or on a custom cartridge.

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