240p Test Suite Dreamcast Version Update

There’s now a new version of the Dreamcast 240p test suite, with a bunch of notable additions, such as the monoscope pattern, an Audio Sync Test for streamers/content creators, a controller test and MDFourier analysis.   As always, the 240p Test Suite is an essential tool for many people and the addition of these tests will be a huge help.  More information is available in the Patreon post and you can even purchase a physical version of it!  Links below:

Pre-Order Physical Version Here:
Patreon Post:
Download the latest version:

Here’s a bullet-pointed list of changes, but please reference the Patreon post linked above for all the details you’ll want!:

  • Support on the fly cable changes
  • Added missing analog joystick support to menus and help
  • Exposed several options to user: Deflicker filter, PVR Texture Dithering, KOS Video Mode defaults and Video Register defaults (KOS/Suite)
  • Now stops optical drive upon boot
  • VMU messages are now always up to date and refreshed
  • Updated 0GDTEX icon
  • Updated IP.BIN to reflect release and peripherals
  • Added unlicensed text to IP.BIN
  • Added several VMU save icons, selected at random
  • Added optional VMU eyecatcher graphics to save
  • Added warnings and error messages when saving to VMU if there is not enough space
  • VMU load only changes video mode if needed
  • Fixed color balance in color bars + gray reference
  • Added Draw Video Border option to Grid
  • Changed 75% RGB levels from 192 to 191 to match spec
  • Removed double input from controllers that send duplicate d-pad/analog directions
  • Added SD icon to VMU LCD in main menu, he blinks (thanks to Karensauria)
  • Sound test follows Dreamcast Mono configuration if set
  • Scroll test has selection menu
  • Boots into PAL60 if in RGB mode, and not in composite when in PAL
  • Added warning for PAL60 color decoding via composite video (old PVMs decode it as NTSC 4.43)
  • Improved flashrom data for Region/Broadcast detection, instead of just official combinations
  • Improved video mode selection when cable is swapped on the fly
  • Added EBU to NTSC and SMPTE to PAL
  • Added alternating black bars for LCD lag tests in passive lag test
  • Added option to Ignore Frame Buffer creation for overlay graphics
  • Reduced Texture Memory usage in RAM
  • Uses controller capabilities to properly draw controller test
  • Added load from VMU Option
  • Added reset all options to defaults
  • Renamed Reflex & Timming test and added message upon completing it
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