Zez Retro Interviews Steve from Retro Tech

Comedian and fellow retro gaming nerd Louis Zezeran recently posted a video with Steve Nutter, who runs the CRT repair channel Retro Tech.  Louis is a great podcaster and Steve’s always really easy to talk to, so this should prove to be an entertaining one for any retro gamer or CRT enthusiast.  It’s available as a video (above) and on most major audio-only podcast networks:

Audio Podcast Link:—Steve-from-Retro-Tech-e18h47f
Steve’s Patreon:
Follow Louis everywhere @louiszezeran

On a personal note, Steve and I have been planning an in-person podcast for almost two years now.  Every time we set a tentative date, something happens to shut us down (you know, like a global pandemic ;p).  We’ve discussed doing it over Skype or something, but this podcast with Louis is an awesome introduction to Steve, so I’ll continue to wait until we can do it in-person over a six pack.

…and if you want to learn more about Louis, check out the podcast we did below.  I was still pretty sick when we did it, so I was prety boring…but Louis carried it and I still think it was a worthy listen.  I certainly had a good time doing it!


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