Weekly Roundup #336

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Timestamps / Article Links:

00:00  Welcome

00:18  Saturn Translator Wanted:

01:46  New GB Game Kickstarter:

02:51  Saturn Ys’s English Translation:

04:02  New options for JLCPCB Assembly’s (Sponsored Post)

08:31  IDE Emulator Pre-Orders:

10:46  HyperFlash32 New Pre-Order Batch:

12:49  RGB Blaster SYNC FIX:

21:28  Castlevania NES speedrunner code analysis:

22:36  MLiG 4kGP & mClassic Review:

27:36  GBAHD Macho Nacho Review:

31:03  Lu’s MiSTer Updates:

35:56  Surround Sound over Two Channel Audio:

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