Weekly Roundup #164

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Video available on YouTube (above), LBRY and Bitchute:

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00:13  Live Events:

00:46  MiSTer RAM Warning:

06:05  NGPC Backlit Screen Retaining Clip:

07:33  Game Audio Hardware History:

08:30  Future FPGA:

10:01  Intellivision Amico Video:

11:05  The Glove Documentary:

12:05  Official Wily Wars US Release:

15:40  NG Shmup Project:

17:27  mCable Classic Review:

19:58  JAMMAiser:

21:22  Carby Component Pre-Order:

23:43  NJ AVGC Panel:

25:03  Cheezy PSA aka: I love all you crazy, wonderful assholes 🙂

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