Rany Battikh

Carby Component by Insurrection Industries pre-order update

Insurrection Industries just revealed a few more details about their highly anticipated Carby Component GameCube cable on their Twitter account.

First, every ordered cable will include 3 x 75 Ohm BNC to RCA adapters; those are custom made specifically for the Carby Component, lowering any chance of noise or interference and insuring the best performance in general.

Second, the cable will sell for $89.50 which is fair and reasonable compared to the ridiculous going rate of the official Nintendo component cable (200-250$ on average). Pre-orders will open on 9/6/2019 through Insurrection Industries website/shop.

The Carby Component, being another great GCvideo milestone, is a must-buy for anyone with a Gcomp switch or an Extron Crosspoint setup.

Insurrection Industries shop: https://insurrectionindustries.com/shop/