RetroRGB Panels at AVGC 2019

I’m very happy to announce that both myself and Smokemonster will be hosting panels at this year’s A Video Game Con in Parsippany, NJ!

I’ll be hosting a panel Saturday the 7th at 6:15PM titled “Getting The Best Out Of Your Classic Consoles At Any Price Point.”  The title’s pretty much self-explanatory and I’ll be bringing CRT’s to demo as well.  I’d recommend it to people of all skill levels, as even experts who already know all this stuff might find a new and interesting way to explain it to their non-nerd friends 🙂

Smokemonster will also be hosting a panel on Sunday the 8th at 1:30PM covering the current (exciting) state of FPGA’s!

We’ll both be walking around the expo the whole weekend and hopefully we’ll get a few more members of the team out there as well!  If you’ll be in the NJ area, please stop by and introduce yourself, as we always love meeting new people!  If you’ve got a RetroRGB t-shirt, now’s the time to wear it!

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