Weekly Roundup #152

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00:19  JVS-PAC 2:

01:00  CPS2 Board Trace:

01:27  Ghostbusters remastered:

03:17  Sam’s Journey NES Port:

03:54  “Minigun” Supergun:

05:46  Assemblergames Closing?:

07:36  Samurai Spirits EIGHT frames of lag:

09:02  Satiator Update:

11:36  GCVideo v2.4d:

12:40  Game Boy Interface Update:

14:34  TAS w/ GBi:

15:49  New Amiga Shooter:

16:27  CRT Discharging:

17:48  Pokémon Mini Handheld Translations:

18:38  Final Genesis Classic Lineup:

19:32  Too Many Games:

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