Time Sleuth LCD “Paper Trick”

During a recent livestream, I was having trouble getting a lag reading on a Dell U2410f LCD monitor.  The fix was simply to put a piece of standard printed paper between the Time Sleuth and display, then lower the brightness until I got a reading.  The paper diffused the extra light from the monitor that was interfering with the proper reading.  A short video above demo’s this and there’s more info below:

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First, a huge thanks to Greg from Laser Bear for coming up with this idea!  In the stream, we started troubleshooting by changing all of the monitor’s settings, including varying the brightness and contrast between their highest and lowest.  I even tried putting a polarizing filter for a camera between the monitor and TS’s sensor, then adjusted how dark it got – But nothing made a difference at all.

We tried Greg’s suggestion at about 51:10 in the stream on a different monitor I was having issues with and it worked right away.  I then tried the “paper trick” on the original monitor I was having trouble with, but it didn’t work at first…however once I lowered the brightness just a bit, all lag readings seemed to work with the piece of paper in between.  We used that trick for the remainder of the stream and as long as the brightness wasn’t up too high, it worked perfectly!

If you’d like to check out the entire stream, you can find it here, however the coolest thing we learned in this stream is simplified in the Short above.  If you’re still interested in the slow-paced, nerdy stream, it’s broken into two parts, as changing the resolution and refresh rate on the second monitor froze OBS and killed the stream in part 1 ;/

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