SNK Announces Neo Geo Arcade Stick

SNK recently tweeted a picture of an upcoming arcade stick.  It’s shaped a bit like a large version of the NGCD / NGMini controller, but with eight buttons.  The only information released with the tweet (via Google translate) is:

“New NEOGEO hardware comes after NEOGEO mini! “NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro” is a stylish and unique arcade stick with the motif of the NEOGEO CD controller design. Please look forward to the follow-up report!

My guess is it’s a USB-based stick, designed for use with the NEOGEO Mini?  As someone who’s recently started using “professional-grade” arcade sticks, I can say it would take a lot for me to be interested in this.  I imagine it’s a really cool collectors item, but unless it’s either cheap, or performs as well as some of the pro sticks out there, I’ll stick with my original Vewlix.  Fingers crossed though!

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