Alex Mitchell

Smash Remix ROM Hack Receives New Update

Smash Remix—a ROM Hack that adds a substantial amount of new content to the original Super Smash Bros—just received a new update that includes even more characters, stages, music, gameplay modes, and balance changes. The list of changes is far too long to include in this post, so if you’re interested in the nitty gritty details then here’s a link to the latest changelog and a video from the team’s YouTube channel:

Smash Remix v1.5.0 – GitHub Release

Smash Remix – ROM patching web app

Although you can download all the necessary files from GitHub and manually apply them to your own personal cartridge backup, the Smash Remix team has set up a web app that simplifies the process. To generate a copy of Smash Remix, visit the website link above and select the “Patch ROM” button near the top of the page. Once the web app has verified your cartridge backup, it’ll patch it and download it to your computer.

An important note is that, while Smash Remix is compatible with real Nintendo 64 hardware, it requires an 8MB RAM Expansion Pak to run.

To stay up to date with the project, here’s a link to the team’s Discord Server.