SD2SNES Trade-In Program for Pro

Stone Age Gamer has just detailed their trade-in program that will let you trade your original SD2SNES for credit towards a new SD2SNES Pro.  While I think this is an absolutely amazing thing to offer, in my opinion, it’s not necessary for everyone;  The original SD2SNES is still an excellent product that will continue to receive updates.  There’s nothing “wrong” with it and owners should be happy owning a product that still has a long lifespan left in it.

…but of course all die-hard SNES fans who want every last possible option will definitely be upgrading and this is a great way to do it.  Full details on the trade-in program are available here:

The SD2SNES Pro isn’t available from SAG quite yet, but if you don’t care about the trade-in program (or don’t own one at all yet), you can buy it directly from Krikzz here:



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