RJ45 Virtual Boy Controller Extension Cable

A 3D printed design was just posted that’s meant to be an easier way to create a Virtual Boy controller extension cable.  Unlike the ones posted last year by Kevin Mellott, these utilize an RJ45 jack as the cable.  The theroy is, printing these adapters and using the housings and pins of a serial port connector will be an overall easier and cheaper method of making the extension.  You’ll then have to find a way to secure the console-side of the adapter though, which looks like some kind of tape is the preferred method:

Overall, I prefer Kevin’s straightforward design best, but this mod does seem a bit easier and cheaper for 1-off builds.  As always, the more choices the better and I’m happy more people are embracing the Virtual Boy homebrew scene!

You can download the 3D print files right from Thingiverse:

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