Justin (Console Kits)

Look out AtGames New Arcade Cabinet Might be Good!

AtGames recently announced a full-size home arcade cabinet with 350 to 400 licensed games, but the story doesn’t end there.

Currently, AtGames has a reputation for producing cheap consoles with sub-par emulation. As consumers, should we expect anything different from their new arcade cabinet?  The answer may surprise you.  A recent announcement from Glen’s Retro Show states that the AtGames Legends Ultimate Home Arcade will include two of his premium spinners. The news certainly caused my head to spin.  These GRS spinners included in the AtGames cabinet are considered by many to be the best drop-in replacement spinners compatible with Arcade1Up cabinets.  This is not the AtGames we are familiar with.

Harold Chizick (CMO of Arcade1Up / CEO of Chizcomm) recently announced Chizcomm is no longer working with Arcade1Up to handle their marketing. Harold is known in the Arcade1Up community for engaging directly with individuals and going far and beyond what you would expect from a CMO/CEO. After the announcement, people replied with heartfelt responses of how much he would be missed.

With the news that AtGames was releasing a new cabinet, many joked that maybe Harold left to work with AtGames. Well, yes, that happened! Harold later announced that Chizcomm will be working closely with AtGames as they help develop this new product.

Harold’s experience with bringing Arcade1Up to market, handing their customer service issues and complaints about the product shows that he knows exactly what it would take to make AtGames successful.  Harold may persuade AtGames to use the best emulation they can within reason, (don’t expect an FPGA or MiSTer in this thing) along with great joysticks and buttons.

To briefly summarize, Arcade1Up released their original lineup of home cabinets last year. This year, they have shipped new titles such as Final Fight and Mortal Kombat that have sold well. It should come as no surprise that AtGames wants a piece of that lucrative market.

I’m sure we will hear more as news comes out from the E3 announcements and perhaps word from those that tested the prototype.  Hopefully we will hear about some great games too.