RetroTINK 4K Wall Mount & Fan Kit

Greg from Laser Bear has just released a wall mount and fan kit for the RetroTINK 4K.  To be clear:  You DO NOT need a fan for normal RT4K use.  That said, if you’re mounting in a cabinet, or on a wall with poor airflow, it’s probably a good thing to add.  The price is $40 for the wall mount and about $30 for Fan + Kit, plus they’re each available in multiple colors.  More info after the links:

Wall Mount:
Fan Kit:

While the wall mount is an easy installation, the fan kit isn’t:  It requires soldering and disassembling the RT4K.  Greg has detailed instructions on the sale page though, so if you know you’ll require better airflow, it’s probably worth it.  Respectfully, if your RT4K is located in an area with normal airflow (even when using the wall mount!), you can skip this one.

If you’d like more info on the RetroTINK 4K, check out the launch video here:

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