Selena the Retro Princess

Video Game History Foundation Gives First Look at Digital Library

This week the Video Game History Foundation unveiled their upcoming online digital library. After multiple years in the making, Phil Salvador, the Library Director for VGHF was able to provide a demonstration of how the software works and give us a taste of the sort of content the public will be able to access once the platform goes live in 2024.


Not only will this online archive have robust searchable metadata for old gaming magazines, each with their own fully searchable text – but it also has an extensive collection of old development materials the foundation has collected over the years from many developers for a myriad of different titles (released and unreleased alike).

It’s easy to see how invaluable this digital library will be not just for the sake of preservation, but for research purposes as well. I can also easily imagine the old development materials could prove useful to homebrewers or indie developers.

Give the video a watch and if you have feedback or suggestions, the Video Game History Foundation would love to hear from you!


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