RetroTINK 4K Release Date: December 9th

Mike Chi has announced the RetroTINK 4K will go on sale in just over a week:  Saturday December 9th at 2PM PST / 5PM NYC Time.  These are NOT pre-orders – They’ll start to ship right away in the order they were purchased.  My “intro” video above should give you all the info you’ll need on it, however there’s been a ton of new additions since that will be included with the launch day firmware.  Lots more info to come, but here’s the link for when it’s ready:

Purchase The RetroTINK 4K:

One question I can answer now:  Is this for you?  I think if you have an OLED TV and love gaming of any generation, or older movies and TV shows (in any format), you should absolutely consider this.  I mean, you’ve already spent a few grand on your OLED TV, so this is just upgrading it further.

That said (and I mean ZERO disrespect by saying this – I often fall into this category), if you’re the type to buy budget TV’s and would rather settle on a cheap soundbar than a full surround sound system, don’t spend the money.  The RetroTINK 2x Pro is probably a great fit and if you’d like to take it even further, the RetroTINK 5x is still equally awesome;  Don’t forget, it’s on it’s third (FREE) complete firmware overhaul and is basically a fully upgraded product from launch day.

…and how about the other scalers?  Honestly, they’re awesome too.  I think while some companies like to project an air of competition, there really doesn’t need to be any.  We have DIY solutions like the GBS-C that start at $50.  Then the TINK 2x Pro and OSSC are around $150 and are a perfect fit for many people;  Just choose depending on what cables you’re looking to connect.

Then we have the mid-high range scalers like the OSSC Pro, RT5x and Morph that cover the $300 – $400 range.  All have their own unique use case and I truly think all are a good choice for certain setups.

And of course, we have the RT4K – The most powerful and most expensive gaming scaler ever made at $750.  Truly the “BVM of scalers™”.  Not everyone’s going to need it.  But after seeing all it’s features broken out in detail, I’m sure you’ll all want it.  Expect a lot more content from me in the coming months breaking it all down…

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