Retro Labs RetroTINK 5x Remote Control Overlay

Retro Labs has just opened sales on their remote control overlay for the RetroTINK 5x.  The price is $10 CAD, which came to about $11 USD after shipping to NYC.

RT5x Remote Overlay:
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I love everything about this:  Mike used a generic remote control to keep the cost of the RT5x down and most people can use it’s basic functionality (power, menu navigation) without ever referencing the manual.  Now, people who want an easy reminder of what the direct functions of the remote are programmed to can pay a bit extra to purchase this overlay, all while supporting a store in the retro gaming community.  Everyone wins, as one product supports the other!

Check out the main video and follow-up posts for more info about the RetroTINK 5x:

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