RetroTink 5x Pro for Downscaling

Type: Decimate. Sharp, jaggy and shimmer for non-integer upscaled 2D games Setup required: Flash with compatible firmware with downscaling feature via a PC. Enable downscaling in OSD menu Cost and availability: Moderate cost to benefit, currently available at RetroTINK Mike Chi’s RetroTink 5x is one of the most full featured and lowest lag downscalers (3msec!). It […]

RetroTINK 5x ADC Tutorial

Wobbling Pixels recently posted another awesome tutorial for the RetroTINK 5x, this time showing how to calibrate the Analog to Digital (ADC) settings.  Please remember, no two analog video consoles will ever be exactly alike and it’s common you’ll see two of the same model outputting slightly different on each of the RGB color levels.  […]

RetroTINK 5x Premium Remote Control For Sale

Mike Chi has just released a new, “premium” remote control for the RetroTINK 5x.  You’ll need to be on firmware revision 3.7 or higher to use it, however the older remote will still work on all firmware revisions.  The price is $30 plus shipping and it should reach customers early next month: Purchase all RetroTINK Products via […]

RetroTINK 5x v3.69 Firmware Update

Mike Chi has just released a new beta firmware for the RetroTINK 5x, with some interesting features.  The first is an exciting feature for PS2, 480i30 games:  2:2 pulldown (see example from Wobbling Pixels above).  This allows for sharper deinterlacing without any artifacts, for any content that’s locked to 30fps.  Next is an inverse telecine […]

RetroTINK 5x Firmware v3.0

UPDATE 2022/01/13:  Mike was kind enough to do a livestream with me, where we went over all the new features!  This post is still a summary, but please check it out if you’re interested in the details! Mike Chi has just released the latest evolution in the RetroTINK 5x firmware:  Version 3.0!  With this comes […]

RetroTINK 5x Adds HDR Support

Mike Chi has just added a new mode to the RetroTINK 5x, that tells your TV to enable HDR mode.  While this isn’t converting a retro game signal to HDR, it allows for increased brightness on your TV…which means using the amazing CRT scanline emulation recently added, you can have a look that’s more true […]

RetroTINK 5x Firmware v2.73

Mike Chi has just released a new firmware for the RetroTINK 5x that adds ‘Gen Lock’ in addition to Triple Buffer and Frame Lock. This allows the RT5X to match the input frame rate with a regenerated clock which is more stable than Frame Lock. Mainly useful for 1440p+ resolutions with Composite or S-Video sources […]

SCART adapter for RetroTINK 5X Pro by Retro Access

High-quality cables manufacturer Retro Access has recently opened pre-orders for a Scart adapter specifically designed for use with Mike Chi‘s state-of-the-art video scaler, the RetroTink 5x Pro. Retro Access‘s new adapter/cable solves an issue that Scart users are having with the RetroTink 5x Pro since the device’s initial launch. For those who are unaware, standard […]