Retro-Bit LegacyGC Wired Controller

Pre-orders are now open for a wired, “legacy style” GameCube controller.  It should be compatible with anything that has a GC controller input, including the GC, Wii and 4-player USB adapter.  The price is only $20 plus shipping, which seems like a risk worth taking if you’re interested in using this style controller on your Game Cube.

LegacyGC Wired:
Original Hori Controller:

At first glance, it reminded me of the very expensive (and long discontinued) Hori gamepad, however a closer look shows that’s not the case:  The Hori is modeled off the SNES controller, while the LegacyGC looks more like a Wii Classic and Hori controller had an offspring.  There aren’t any analog sticks, but I’m assuming if you’re interested in a controller like this, you’d be using it for Smash Bros Melee, or the Game Boy Player.

Obviously, the most important thing about a controller is it’s performance and without pro gamer’s giving it a nod first, you’re taking a risk buying one.  Once again, at think at this price, it’s worth trying out, as you can buy 5 of these and still spend less than an original Hori!

Features and Specs:

  • Compatible with Nintendo GameCube® and Wii®
  • Macros allow DPad to function as the analog or C-stick
  • The shoulder buttons now utilize both digital and analog inputs
  • 10ft/3m cable length
  • Includes Turbo functionality
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