MiSTer FPGA News – In the Hunt, Karnov, Saturn IO Board and More

Discussing Future of MiSTer FPGA

The developers of the MiSTer Multisystem started a discussion about the future of the MiSTerFPGA project. This is not a discussion about running more powerful arcades and consoles that the current DE10 Nano can run’t. It’s more about finding ways to rely less on the DE10-Nano and finding FPGA platforms that could be implemented as an extension/expansion of the MiSTer eco-system.


Saturn Case

Joel Whybrow, who’s developing an IO Board that can be housed in a Sega Saturn case, has obtained a replica case for mk2 Saturns. The IO Board was originally designed for the original case, but replica cases for those aren’t freely available. Now his IO board can be redesigned for the mk2 which has viable replica cases available for sale.


In The Hunt

Irem m92 development is actually pretty far along. Developer, wickerwaka posted a video showing off the core for MISTer. It’s looking good, but there’s some alignment issues that need to be fixed. No mention of a release time frame.

PSX Core

A new version of the PlayStation core was officially released. The new feature that was added, was pop’n controller support. This was a controller dedicated to the Pop’n Music series of games. Other updates to the core included bugfixes.

The developer also posted a technical article on Patreon that shows how a bug in the game Alien Ressurection was fixed.



Jotego released a beta core for the arcade game Karnov. This is the main game for Jotego’s JTKARNOV core, which also currently supports Chelnov. There are plans to release one more game for this core before making a public release.



The schematics extraction for the main CPS3 PCB are almost done by Jotego’s team. The team has also moved on to working on the protection cartridge for the board.


MiSTerFPGA: 2022 Year in Review

I have a video where I summarized what went on with the MiSTerFPGA project in 2022. I discuss

-Arcade cores released
-Console cores released
-Hardware developments
-And other MiSTerFPGA related info


Other MiSTer FPGA Updates

And other miscellaneous MiSTer fixes and updates are: