Vanessa (Vanessaira)

Project Lunar Public Beta Released

“Project Lunar” from the Mod My Classic group and site has released the public beta for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Mini.  This is a major overhaul to the emulator.  Giving users more customizing options, as well as greater accuracy in emulation then what the stock mini console provides.  Project Lunar even allows support for RetroArch and Emulation Station.  Here is a bullet list of the varying options this project provides:

  • Add your own selection of SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis roms to your console with use on the stock UI
  • Manage your games, mods and configs via purpose built desktop PC application
  • Full NAND backups before any customisation
  • RetroArch bundled with Genesis GX Plus & PicoDrive. (MS,GG,MD,32X, MEGA CD support) (Also capable of playing other consoles by adding additional RetroArch cores)
  • Performance tweaks and boosts (fix lag issues) (1.0ghz > 1.344ghz, ZRAM compression, DRAM SWAP)
  • NAND (console only) and USB support
  • OTG support
  • exFat, NTFS, FAT32 filesystem support
  • Extended gamepad compatibility
  • USB2 and USB3 device support
  • Customisable boot menu with built-in additional option menu & network manager.
  • Ability to autoboot to selected boot items. (i.e. boot directly to stock UI)
  • Additional third-party controller support
  • Automatic Error recovery system (automatically reload to bootmenu if Stock E error occurs)
  • Launch boot menu or RetroArch from the Stock UI
  • EmulationStation support (optional mod package, USB only)
  • ‘Fix’ stock scanlines by toggling smoothing off within stock emulator
  • Bundled Wi-Fi support (Realtek 8188eu + 8187)
  • RA MD mini cores downablable via RA using network adapter
  • RA scraper and EmulationStation scrapers work using network adapter
  • SSH/SFTP via RDNIS support
  • Boot menu, splashscreen and music are all customisable
  • Additional mod package support


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