Pandora’s Box Emulation Light Gun

Retro Ralph recently posted a demo of the latest emulation-based light gun project from Pandora;  A company normally known for their terrible plug and play arcade emulation.  But this seemed like it has potential!  Also, the price isn’t terrible: $185 for a 1-gun, 1-pedal package and $240 for a 2-gun, 2-pedal package.  You’ll still need an emulation PC, or a separate Pandora’s box as well to run it.  More info and alternatives below and check out the video above for a demo.

Purchase Here:

Not to spoil the video, but while Ralph liked the guns, he still felt the Gun4IR was a better option overall.  There’s one BIG difference though:  These can just be bought as a complete, brand new package, while the Gun4Ir requires you to convert existing light guns…or pay someone else to do it at a premium.  While I’d prefer the Gun4Ir (and the upcoming blamcon has a ton of potential), having a much cheaper and easier way to get started make this “Retro Shooter” an option worth considering.  Check out Ralph’s video on the Gun4IR, as well as my livestream below:

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