RetroTINK 4K – Upgraded Motion Adaptive Deinterlacer

Mike Chi has just released firmware v1.4.2 for the RetroTINK 4K, that adds a new deinterlacer with Edge Adaptive interpolation and improved motion search.  This is great news for anyone with a lot of 480i sources, be it video games, or TV and movies.  There’s also a new VESA VRR mode, as well as an HLG HDR mode.  Mike posted a demo of how the new deinterlacing can help on social media (linked below) and the full list of changes are below the links:

Firmware Update:
Purchase the RT4K:

This is a pretty significant update, as the RT4K already performed really well at deinterlacing content.  It’s especially important, as 480i is a really hard format to properly display on any non-CRT TV, so any improvement helps!

Also, VESA VRR will help some monitors display the odd refresh rates of older consoles in RT4K low-latency modes without screen tearing.  Depending on your display, HLG HDR might not make a difference, but it’s awesome to see it as an option.

Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Next generation Motion Adaptive Deinterlacer
  • Improved multi-field motion analysis to minimize false combing
  • Improved spatio-temporal smoothing of motion vectors
  • Edge-adaptive interpolation to minimize “jaggies” when Bob is used
  • Improved Freesync VRR compatibility
  • Added VESA VRR
  • Added HLG HDR mode with proper color conversion and PQ
  • For HLG, the Input Gain control under the “Color Correction” menu should be used to tune the intensity

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