Nitro DS Emulator: A look at the dev software

Modern Vintage Gamer has just released a video talking about the Nitro DS Emulator:  A dev kit from Intelligent Systems that provided programmers with tools, as well as video output options to display the games on a larger screen.  MVG takes a closer look at the software used when working with the DS Emulator, which is something you don’t see often;  I specifically showed off the hardware for both the DS Capture and DS Emulator in a recent stream (the first 2 min of the video below), but didn’t discuss the software at all.

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If you’d like a closer look at the hardware used, the first two minutes of the livestream below is a short overview of what the hardware looks like and what’s inside each.  The rest of the stream was a live demo of the Nitro DS Capture, featuring Tito from Macho Nacho Productions – A handheld modding expert and a great guest on the stream.  While the live part was causal, we did demo different ways streamers could utilize the Capture DS’ output, as opposed to its original intended use.  After the stream, I was disappointed I didn’t have the ability to show off the dev software, but MVG is absolutely the better person to discuss that aspect of things and I’m happy it all worked out this way.  Definitely check out his video above and at least the first few minutes of the livestream below.

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