Rany Battikh

MiSTer SNAC adapter now available with a case

Porkshop Express from MiSTerAddons has just announced that MiSTer users now have the choice to order SNAC adapters, from their shop, with a case/shell.

Serial Native Accessory Converter or SNAC is a small board that plugs into the USB 3.0 port of the MiSTer’s IO board and basically allows original and 3rd-party console specific controllers/peripherals to interface with their respective cores. So if you plug in a SNES/SFC controller into the SNAC, that controller will only work with the MiSTer’s SNES/SFC core. Some peripherals, such as traditional lightguns (e.g NES Zapper, SNES Super Scope and Genesis Justifier/Menacer) require the use of a 0 ms lag adapter like the SNAC to function properly (on a CRT only).

Note that to directly connect your peripherals to the MiSTer, in addition to the SNAC, you still need individual controller adapters.

At the moment, there are two main versions of the SNAC: one that accepts HDMI-style controller adapters and another that accepts USB-A controller adapters. MiSTerAddons is currently carrying the HDMI version as well as SNAC HDMI-style adapters.

The MisterAddons SNAC can now be purchased with a black plastic shell covering the pcb and a USB cable for $30. Although this may be considered as a small update over the exposed pcb that is still being offered for $25, it actually helps in preventing accidental short circuit. And esthetically, the new shell gives the SNAC a much cleaner look than a pcb wrapped in kapton or electrical tape (a common practice among SNAC users). Porskshop Express also plans on selling the cases separately at a later stage.


– Order the SNAC from MiSTer Addons: https://misteraddons.com/products/serial-native-accessory-converter-snac
– Porskshop Express’s list of controller latency: https://rpubs.com/misteraddons/inputlatency

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