New Super Mario Land v1.1 Released

The creator of the amazing GB-to-SNES Super Mario Land conversion has just released version 1.1, which fixes all previous complaints!:

For anyone just discovering this game, an unknown developer re-wrote the original Game Boy’s Super Mario Land from the ground up as a Super Nintendo game, playable on original hardware.  Everything about the game was re-created, including the graphics and music, which sound amazing.  As appreciative as we all were of this amazing game being released, there were a few complaints:   The jumping sound effect wasn’t liked by some people, the hit detection wasn’t always perfect and the controls felt a bit “slippery”.  As  much as I loved the game, I couldn’t get past level 3-2.

Well, I’m happy to report that this updated version fixes all issues!  I played it today via my MiSTer and was able to beat the game.  This is a game I think every Mario/SNES fan should try!

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