MODE Firmware v1.01r4 Released

Terraonion has just released a firmware update to the MODE;  Their Saturn / Dreamcast ODE.  This update focuses on bugfixes and compatibility with Sega Saturn consoles.  Future updates should include some new features as well.

Firmware Download:

Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Fix CDDA noises in some Saturn models
  • Fix unreliable data transfer (causing failure to boot, or crash to cd player) in some Saturn models.
  • Fix subchannel (for CD+G for example) not working in some Saturn models
  • Fix .CCD, .CDI and .MDS not loading in Saturn.
  • Fix .CCD incorrect last track end on 2nd session (Dreamcast)
  • Fix letter J having an extra bar to the left in Saturn.
  • Fix selection square not aligned in covers menu in Saturn.
  • Fix using the filter reset combo (L+R) not updating the images in covers menu.
  • Fix pressing B, selecting Folder Up or doing filter reset sometimes making the covers loading stop till a reset.
  • Fix hang or incorrect game launching when pressing A while no games are shown due to empty genre filter list.
  • Fix changing devices or menu mode while covers are loading causing a menu hang.
  • Remove serial display from boot screen
  • Slowed down VMU animation (Dreamcast)
  • Slightly faster saturn boot when battery is empty

The firmware is updated simply by adding the file to the root of your SD card and it will be updated on the next boot.  Alternatively you can install the firmware from the Hard Disk Drive, by copying the firmware file to the hard disk root, and
then in the MODE menu, while browsing the HDD device, select Options and then Check Update.

To download the firmware, you’ll need to go to Terraonion’s site, register your device’s serial number and download the files available.

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