GBAz Case Available on Thingiverse

Woozle has just posted the design files for the official Game Boy Advance Consolizer on thingiverse.  There’s also an SVG file available for people who want to order the plexi case on

If you prefer an entirely 3D printed design, you can print this lid in place of the plexi, designed by Marcus Mitcham, the same person who made the Virtual Boy consolizer cases

This is great for people who purchased the original “facehugger” design, but want to change over to the more standard “consolized” look.  While I appreciate Woozle’s decision to release these files, I also hope people will design their own cases for the kit;  There’s some really talented members of the retro gaming community that might be able to come up with some unique designs!

GBAz kits are currently sold out, but new pre-orders will open soon:

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