MODE Firmware v1.02 R10

Terraonion has just updated the firmware for the MODE to version v1.02 R10.  The most notable updates are the ability to soft reset to the MODE menu using the controller on both Dreamcast and Saturn, as well as the “fast boot” option.  There’s also a bunch of tweaks and bugfixes, making the product even more stable.  To download, sign up for an account with Terraonion, login, register your device and then find the firmware file in your download section:

Firmware Download:

As a note, I tested “fast boot” on a beta version of the firmware and had mixed results:  Sometimes it would skip the BIOS screen and boot directly to the game, saving a few seconds of load time.  Other times, it would hang right away, where the BIOS screen would have been.  I think it’s definitely worth trying, as there’s no risk of failure during gameplay;  You’ll know right away if there’s an issue or not.

The full list of changes, as well as info on the the previous firmware update (post-launch) can be found here:

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