RGB to Composite/S-Video Converter Announced

Axun, creator of the awesome SCA-101 SCART/JP21 switch has just officially announced a new product:  The ‘RGB-2YC’.  This device can accept a 15KHz (240p/480i) RGB signal and convert it to either composite or S-Video.

There’s actually a choice of four inputs, but only one can be used at a time:

  • RGB JP21
  • DSUB (VGA-style RGBHV or RGBs)
  • RCA RGBs jacks

The device can handle both NTSC and PAL signals (toggled via a switch on the side) and has an “RGB Adjust” switch to lower the signal voltage for certain scenarios that are too bright.  Please keep in mind that this lowers brightness, not raises it, so there should be no chance of too much voltage being sent to your TV’s.  Of course, I’ll be testing this the moment I get one in for review 🙂

I imagine this is a great device for people who have a full RGB setup, running through a switch into an OSSC or RetroTINK, but also want to game on a cheap CRT.  S-Video looks excellent on CRT’s and while composite video doesn’t look quite as sharp, it’ll guarantee much higher compatibility with any CRT you might find!

Simultaneous dual-output is supported as well, although I’m not sure the best scenario to take advantage of this.  RGB passthrough may have been a more handy option, but it’s still a device I’m looking forward to testing.

The cost is $90 + shipping and it should be released fairly soon.

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