MiSTer FPGA News – Nintendo 64, NFC, Punk Shot & More

Amiga core shared folder

If you are using the Amiga core with Kickstart version 1.3 and want to get the shared folder working with it, then check out the forum thread on the MiSTerFPGA forums that shows you how to get it working.

This shared folder allows you to access files in a specific folder on the SD Card within the core itself.


Nintendo 64

The Nintendo 64 core has been updated at a rapid pace. Ther have been fixes and updates that affected the following games.

Ocarina of Time
Super Smash Bros
F-Zero X
Mario 64
Majora’s Mask
Waverace 64 and more.


RF Adapter

MiSTerAddons updated us on his RF adapter and it will almost be ready for full production.

There are a lot RF-only televisions out there that can make good use of these adapters, especially if you live in an area with little RF interference.


Genesis core being discontinued

The Genesis core has been deprecated and everyone should be using the new Megadrive core, based on Nuked-MD, going forward.

Also remember to move all your ROMs from the Genesis games folder to the Megadrive folder.



The MARSFPGA project posted some videos of games. These videos don’t show games running on the FPGA but may be hints of what might be possible with the project.

Videos of several Saturn and Dreamcast games were shown. It’s unclear what these videos mean, and no confirmed cores have been announced yet.

Taito F3

Core developer Raki showed off a die shot of the Taito F3’s display processor. Raki has posted about developing a Taito F3 core and mentions that an important phase for the core has ended.

The Taito F3 is arcade hardware that runs games like

Elevator Action Returns
Light Bringer
Rayforce and more


KiKi Kaikai

Raki also announced that Kiki Kaikai’s protection MCU dump was successful. Kiki Kaikai is a Taito arcade game from 1986.


Punk Shot Beta

Jotego released a beta core for the arcade basketball game Punk Shot. This is a two on two game that shares more in common with Arch Rivals than NBA Jam.


MiSTer FPGA Discord Game Challenge

The next game in the MiSTer Discord Game challenge is Neo Turf Masters CD, specifically the extra Scotland course.

The score challenge goes until September 22.