MiSTer FPGA News – Nintendo 64, Neo Geo Pocket, Simpsons & More

Jaleco Mega System1

atrac17 posted a twitter thread that documents the development progress of the JALECO MegaSystem 1 Arcade core for MiSTerFPGA by @Darren__O.

The thread highlights developments on decrypting ROM files, identifying errors in titles, fixing layer priorities & more.


MiSTex Official Logo

The MiSTex project now has a logo, contributed by baxysquare on Instagram.
It’s a modified version of the MiSTer cat with googly eyes.

Hans also posted a picture saying that the Allwinner D1 can comfortably host MiSTex in it’s 64MB internal RAM. The Allwinner D1 is a sinlgle board computer that is based on the opensource RISC-V architecture. Boards come in around $12, so it’s a very cost effective device to use.
This post is only about running the Linux portion, not about running cores.


Juno First (Arcade)

Jimmy Stones has made several posts this month regarding a core for Juno First, a 1983 Konami shooter. He mentioned some technical details of the hardware, like that it is 100% framebuffer with a 256 colour palette and has a hardware blitter that can paste images from non-memory mapped ROMs.


MiSTerFPGA Game Challenge

The next game in the MiSTerFPGA Discord Game Challenge is celebrating the release of the Irem M92 core by Wickerwaka. The game to play is R-Type Leo and it’s a single credit challenge. All scores must be submitted to the Game Challenge channel on Discord.


Atari System 1 Arcade Games

The core for the Atari System 1 has recieved some updates that makes more games playable. It still hasn’t been officially released but can be downloaded from GitHub. It can currently play the below games.

Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom
Peter Pack Rat
Marble Madness
Road Runner
Road Blasters



Robert is still working on the N64 software emulator that will eventually turn into an FPGA core.
The latest feature he added to the emulator is LOD textures.
Robert also posted on patreon a progress update on all the subsystems of the software emulator and he will be concentrating on the N64’s TLB, PAL timing and Flash.


Multisystem CTRLDock Classic SE

The developers of the MiSTer Multisystem have introduced a new hardware device for PC, Mac, Raspberry Pi and of course, the MiSTerFPGA.
Called the CTRLDock Classic SE, it’s a super low latency digital and analogue interface for classic game controllers and peripherals.
Testing to date has measured all digital devices under 1ms and all analogue devices under 2ms.
This device is only compatible with specific controllers like the ones below (No nintendo controllers)

Atari VCS/2600, 7800, 800, VCS, ST (Joysticks and Mice), Atari Keypad
Commodore Amiga (Joysticks and Mice), VIC-20, C64, C64GS, C128, CD32
Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Amstrad CPC, GX4000
Sega Mega Drive, Master System
NeoGeo joysticks and pads
Paddle modes with sensitivity adjustment


Multisystem Super Video Custard

The MiSTer MultiSystem team have also introduced the Super Video Custard, exclusivley for the MultiSystem. It offers S-Video, Composite Video, and line-level stereo audio connections with both PAL and NTSC support. It can be used simultaneously with VGA or SCART, without the need for any adapters or complex configurations. You can purchase it now for 66 pounds.
Again this is exclusively for the MiSTer Multisystem and will not work on a standard MiSTer setup.


Konami CPU

Jotego gave us an update on work regarding games running on the Konami CPU. Tilemap chips for Aliens was implemented and work on the Simpsons PCM chip started.


Neo Geo Pocket

Jotego is back to developing the Neo Geo Pocket core, and has already designed a number of subsystems. The team is currently focused on linking these subsystems together.


Other Jotego Updates

Other Jotego updates involve:

-Closing remaining items in SEGA System18 schematics.
-Jotego has also implemented some small fixes on legacy cores.
-His team will also have a booth at Retrópolis Valencia in Spain.


RF Adapter

MiSTer addons showed off how the latest version of his RF adapter is looking, but it still needs the audio trap. Version V0.3 will add stereo to mono down mixing and include a channel switch.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The twitter account Your Lame Friends has a built from source core of TMNT. The game is running well but without sound.

So far, this build hasn’t been made freely available, but anyone can build the core themselves from the GitHub page.


Other MiSTer FPGA Updates

Other cores recieving fixes and updates are:

Super Vision 8000
Championship V’ball – Arcade
Irem M92
MiSTer Main