MiSTer FPGA News – Neo Geo Pocket CPU, N64, PSX Boot ROM & More

PSX Boot Rom

Uberyoji has released the boot rom he’s been working on for the Playstation core. It shows MiSTerkun dancing to some cool music and also shows off some cool effects.

Uberyoji also has boot roms for other cores, so check out his github to download them. He’s also plans to work on boot roms for the Saturn, N64 and a color remixed version of Gameboy.

You can set update_all to download all these boot roms by adding a line to downloader.ini. You can get this line from uberyoji’s github.



Anton Gale showed off a screenshot of the in development Exidy II core and its 6502 cpu implementation is running TARG ROM code correctly.

Since the core is in early development none of the graphics or sound hardware has been implemented yet, except for video sync.

Another post talked about many RAM and Input tests passing in a diagnostic ROM. However, incorrect characters are still showing up but Anton believes this has to do with an addressing issue.


MiSTer FPGA Discord Game Challenge

There are two games up next for the MiSTer FPGA discord game challenge. These are two DOS classics. Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion and Slordax.

Compete with other MiSTerFPGA owners to see who gets the highest scores in any of these games. The challenge will end on Christmas night and all scores should be submitted to the MiSTerFPGA discord.


MiSTer Addons Interview

Pixel Cherry Ninja conducted another interview, this one is with MiSTer Addons. If you’re interested in learning more about MiSTer Addons, go check out ther interview.


Nintendo 64

The Nintendo 64 core has fixed a bug that used to crash games developed on the open source libdragon development library. One of the games using this library is Xenocrisis.

Another update significantly sped up the initial loading of games.


NFC & Remote app integration

wizzo looks to be working on adding another cool feature that integrates the MiSTerFPGA Remote and NFC apps with each other. Mentioned is the ability to create new tags from the game search results. This is feature will be a great time saver.


Mystery Arcade & CPS2 Info

atrac17 teased some upcoming announcements for the FPGA Gaming and arcade community. It looks like there is at least some CPS2 announcements coming because pictures of 2 CPS2 chips were shown.

Atrac17 is also hoping to bring some announcement specifically for the MiSTerFPGA.


Neo Geo Pocket CPU Development

Jotego has a great thread talking about the new approach that’s being used to implement the Neo Geo Pocket CPU. He got fed up debugging the former CPU design and is now much more confident in using the new approach. I highly recommend reading the thread if you enjoy learning new technical info.

The benefits of this new approach are becoming aparent because the source code for the CPU on the Neo Geo pocket core got reduced from 4111 lines to 933 lines.



If you are from the Houston, TX area, you might have a chance to see the MARSFPGA in action. atrac17 posted that we should expect to see the MARSFPGA at Texas Showdown 2024, one of the oldest and largest fighting game events in the US.