MiSTer FPGA News – Handheld MiSTer, System 18, Barcode Scanning & More

System 18

The beta Sega System 18 core by Jotego, can now run Alien Storm. This was thanks to the implementation of the Gensis VDP chip which is also present on the arcade hardware. Jotego was also able to boot up Michal Jackson’s Moonwalker, but there are a lot of graphical and sound glitches. So more work is needed for that game.


MiSTer Game Challenge

The next game in the MiSTerFPGA game challenge is Giga Wing on Capcom’s CPS2 arcade hardware. It’s a single credit score challenge and goes until June 6. Submit your scores to the MiSTerFPGA Discord Game Challenge channel.


MiSTer Case

Todd from Retrofrog is back with a new MiSTer FPGA case design. This case design looks like a way to make your MiSTerFPGA setup feel like a console. It’s still under development, but Todd eventually releases 3D files for free. But if you subscribe to his Patreon, you usually do get early access to the 3D files.


MisTer Clone

Taki Udon posted information about some of the consolized MiSTers he’s working on.

  • The handheld will now have an AMOLED screen that is suited for different aspect ratios.
  • The flagship console will contain HDMI IN and VGA IN ports, a brightness knob and other connections. It hasn’t been disclosed what their uses are, but many speculate that there might be upscaling capabilities.
  • For the DE10 Nano clone, 2,000 blank PCB’s have been delivered and 5 boards started SMT over the weekend.



The TapTo Life app, that allows you to tap NFC tags to your phone and launch games on your MiSTerFPGA, now has the ability to scan barcodes. This means that you can take an original game box and scan it with your phone and launch the game associated with the barcode. You are also not limited to scanning game boxes, as wizzo shows off scanning a box of Pokemon cards.


24bit Analog IO

MiSTerAddons has released his Analogue IO Pro boards. These boards feature:

-24-bit analog video
-Integrated YC Active support. This means that it integrates composite and s-video connections.
-And USB-C power in with soft power switch.

The IO Board is available by itself and as part of full builds.



There were updates to the Sega Sega Saturn core that affected the following games.

-Grandia,Mortal Kombat II
-Tempest 2000

-X-Men vs. Street Fighter
-Saturn Bomberman