Mega SD Firmware Updates Add New Features & Shipping Update

Several new Mega SD firmwares have been released recently that add new features, improve the user experience, and fix bugs. The most notable new features are the addition of audio filters by FirebrandX that should almost perfectly match the audio signature of real hardware, and the ability to transfer saves from a real Sega CD to the Mega SD.

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Firmware v1.01R12 will be what ships with the Mega SD⁠—unless more updates are pushed before this weekend⁠—so there will be no need for users to update to get these new features.

Mega SD Firmware 1.01R10
– Improve detection of actual Mega CD. It will now try to write and read from registers, and ignore the peripheral flag.
– Add option to enable Low Pass filter to PCM output, to match actual Mega CD audio.
– Add option to enable CDDA Treble boost filter to CDDA, to match actual Mega CD audio.
– Add option to simulate exact megacd Graphics processing chip speed, to match actual Mega CD framerate in some games.
– Add support to load a bios from the SD when a real Mega CD is connected. It also simulates a RAM cart so saves can be transferred from a real Mega CD to Mega SD.
– Add “Switch!” to games requiring seek time emulation.
– Fix in game menu not working in Castlevania
– Add SuperFighterTeam mappers SMS
– Increase FM volume In the options menu you can now enable the filters that mimic the CDDA treble boost of the real Sega CD and enable the low pass filter for PCM audio also you can plug the cart into a console with a Sega CD attached and copy your saved games from the original Sega CD over to Mega SD.
Mega SD Firmware 1.01R11
– Add “Panic!” to games with forced seek emulation
– Fix Psy-O-Blade backup RAM mapping
– Fix “The Story of Thor”/”Beyond Oasis” and “Phantasy Star IV” backup RAM not enabled.
Mega SD Firmware 1.01R12
– Use large rom mapper by default if roms are >4MB (and they don’t use any special mapper)
– Includes fix for Bad Apple demo
Shipping Update
Terraonion received the final labels and boxes and tweeted a teaser, and gave a shipping update:
we expect to start shipping units this monday (limited quantities) the goal is : not having backorders by 16th August and having every single order shipped by that day.